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Escape Vol. 1 by Danny Hunt & RSVP - DVD - Product Image
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Escape Vol. 1 by Danny Hunt & RSVP - DVD

DESCRIPTION Welcome to Escape, the brand new DVD featuring one of today's leading escape artists, Danny Hunt. For the first time learn the real secrets to escaping from ANY lock or handcuff, as you're taken into a side of magic that has rarely been looked into before. CONTENTS INCLUDE: TORN APART PERFORMANCE LOCKPICKS How lockpicks work A close look at a lockpicking set How to make your own lockpicks PADLOCK ESCAPES How to open a Tumbler Padlock How to use a Lifter Pick Shimming a Padlock How to Shim a Combination Padlock How to Rap open a Padlock How a Warded Padlock works How to open a Warded Padlock DEATH TANK PERFORMANCE HANDCUFF ESCAPES How to open Handcuffs with Lock Picks How to Shim open a Handcuff How to escape from Derby Handcuffs (Old & New) CHALLENGES How a Challenge Escape works The Handcuff Challenge Escape Gimmicked Handcuffs How to make your own gimmicked Handcuffs DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE MATERIAL ON THIS DVD, ALL OF THE TECHNIQUES ARE TO BE USED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. Worldwide Playback Shot in High-Definition Running Time: 70 Minutes (Approx.)
Price:   $36.99